Kay Roman, A Person.

I’m an introvert, who was born May 9th, please remember to send birthday wishes. I like to dabble in the arts. Not quite becoming an expert in anything, but I love making things with my hands. Drawing with colored charcoal, ceramics, sewing, etc. I can do a little of everything. One thing I do pride myself on is that I learn fast, teach me something and I’ll soon do it like a pro.

If you are interested at all in Myers Briggs personality types please read on, if not then skip this section. I am an ISTP (Introverted, Sensing, Thinking, and Perceiving), a Virtuoso. I find that knowing peoples’ personality types helps me understand how other people think and why. If you want to learn a little more about my personality type click here. I love talking about this topic, to a point I’m sure I’m driving my family a little crazy, but it’s part of who I am.

I care about how my choices impact the environment, I love animals, eating food, and enjoying a good deep conversation.

(In no particular order)



– My family
– Food
– Travel
– Getting a good nights sleep
– The sound of snow
– Zipper sounds
– All of the animals!


– People who lie
– Anything that seems unfair
– Mosquitos
– Spiders!!!


Warehouse Associate

March 2020 – Present
Grove Collaborative

– Picker and Packer
– Trained new employees
– Audited outgoing product to ensure customer quality
– Cycle counted inventory

Researcher and Quality Assurance Communicator

June 2014 – November 2016
Inside Valuation

– Inbound/outbound phone calls, emails and online chats
– Provided information and technical assistance to vendors
– Researched and verified property information
– Updated and managed internal documents

Store Lead

March 2017 – June 2019
Dorinda’s Chocolates

– Administrative duties, including scheduling and inventory
– Retail Sales of gourmet chocolates, candies and wine
– Responsible for closing store and supervising other employees
– Providing customer service and handling cash daily

Vendor Services Representative

November 2012 – June 2014
Clear Capital

– Communicated client needs and company policies
– Assisted vendors with questions and technical assistance
– Data Analysis and reporting using Excel and other software
– Served as a point person and trainer

Have any questions, concerns, just want to reach out? Please do!