Another Way to Sell Art

My husband and I are starting a GoFundMe to help us backpack through Europe this fall! For a limited time only, you can purchase “Blue Sky” through our GoFundMe site! There will be a limited amount of prints and framed prints available. If you don’t want to donate so much, we do have a Bronze option where you can donate $25 and we will make a personalized thank you card written out by us, which will also include a unique hand drawn art piece on the front made by me (no two will be the same!). Prints are $50 each and prints that are fully framed and matted will be $100 each. Please go and check out our GoFundMe. Even if you can spare just $1 it will make a world of a difference!

And to follow our travels and get tips and inspiration for your own travel dreams, follow our blog at!

Event: Great Western Marketplace

This weekend December 16th, 17th, and 18th I will be selling uniquely made one of a kind cards, as well as prints, and prints that are already framed and matted. There will also be live music and wine! Please stop by to see these amazing prints upclose! 

Prints, Cards and Other News

A few small but long over due updates!

First off, I am very excited to announce that I will be selling prints online. This is currently a work in progress for me. I have never made, nor sold prints before. Not only will there be prints, but there will also be handmade cards which will all be different and unique. These cards are made with ink and no two cards are the same. There may be a limited amount available in the beginning, so don’t miss out. Please subscribe and check back to the site for updates.

Also, I will be participating in The Great Western Marketplace the weekend of December 16th, 17th and 18th. I do not know where I will be stationed yet at the event. But please come stop by! I will have cards for sell, as well as prints, and prints that have been framed and matted already. These will be great last minute gifts, and therefore I will also wrap up your gift free of charge. Please come by and check it out!

A Thought

This piece, named “A Thought”, symbolizes the power of thought and intention. The piece was created with one continuos line. Starting at the bottom left corner, the line expands and contracts to create texture and shadows from the lightbulb which is illuminating the area around it. The line continues throughout the page until it hits the middle where the lightbulb is then outlined and ends in the center of the page which is the source of the light. This is in an 11X14 black frame, with black matte board, created with ink and soft colored pastel.


img_3224   img_3191

img_3197   img_3189




Working on it…

Hello world!

Welcome to my website and welcome to my art. Here I will be posting my artwork, updates on what I am creating and places that I will be showing my work.

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